“Drive Safe” by Rich Brian

Rich Brian’s “Drive Safe” seems to feature two distinct narrative, though they both lend to the overall theme. In the first verse, Brian is seemingly reminiscing on the past in relation to where his life is headed. Thus the song begins with him alluding to the day that he decided to “go rogue”, as in break away “from the pack” and do his own thing. And in doing so he faces both external and internal challenges. However, he has apparently stayed committed to achieving his goals, even though to date he has not definitively realized them.

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But the tone of the chorus and specifically the second verse is different. The second verse (even though it features Rich briefly rapping about himself) is mostly dedicated to what appears to be a romantic interest who he now has a “broken” relationship with. But apparently they are still involved. Indeed the titular term “drive safe”, which is found in the chorus, is directed specifically towards her. And what Rich seems to be telling her is basically to be cautious, in a general sense, concerning how she conducts her life.

Indeed on a wider scale, considering the intrinsic ambiguity of the first verse, it can be concluded that Rich is also imparting this selfsame message not only to himself but also the listening audience. And in that regard, the sentiment he seems to be putting forth is that once again people should be cautious and arguably even diligent in the pursuit of their dreams, especially when they are so deep in the quest that there is no turning back. But for the most part this a love song, where Brian is telling his significant other to know that she indeed means a lot to him. Furthermore he tells her that she should be careful in choosing her movements also.

Lyrics of "Drive Safe"

Release of “Drive Safe”

“Drive Safe” was released as one of the songs on the playlist of Rich Brian’s second album, “The Sailor”. This was put out by 88rising Music and 12Tone Music on 26 July 2019.

Song Creation

Rich Brian and Bēkon contributed to both the writing and production of this song. The other producers are Diamond Pistols and Rappy, and the additional writers are as follows:

  • Craig Balmoris
  • Caloway
  • Christian Dold
  • Sergiu Gherman
  • Daniel Krieger

Was “Drive Safe” released as a single?

No. Only two official singles were released from Brian’s The Sailor album. They are: “Kids” and “Yellow“.

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