“Way 2 Sexy” by Drake (ft. Future & Young Thug)

Drake’s “Way 2 Sexy” is based on the I’m Too Sexy motif as established by Right Said Fred back in the day. Richard Fairbrass and co. were referring more to literal sexiness, i.e. being physically appealing. But the vocalists on this track – most specifically Future who holds down the chorus – take the boasting to another level, basically asserting that they are intrinsically superior, so to speak. Or put more plainly, this piece is largely braggadocious in nature.

And by this point of dealing with Drake, Future and Young Thug, there really isn’t much reason to go into detail in terms of what’s being spit on a standard track such as this, except to say that lyrics center primarily on the concept of the homeys being rich and in the case of Drizzy very much sexually active also. 

One interesting lyric is when the main vocalist namedrops Tesla, as that particular brand of automobile is seemingly being referred to a lot in hip-hop as of late.

But again, as far as the actual verses go, virtually all of the lyrics point to the idea of the vocalists being wealthy. So accordingly, we can deduce it’s that advantage in particular which makes them ‘sexier’ than the next man.

Drake's "Way 2 Sexy" Lyrics

Facts about “Way 2 Sexy”

This track came out on the same day as Certified Lover Boy, the album it is featured on, also serving as the project’s lead single. 

Drake has been a regular collaborator of Young Thug’s in the past but has teamed up with Future even more frequently. And the trio did drop a track in unison before entitled D4L (2020)

Drake’s OVO Sound, the label he established in 2012, dropped this track in conjunction with Republic Records.

“Way 2 Sexy” was produced by TM88 and TooDope, both of whom are also credited as co-writers. And the other writers of the song, besides the three vocalists, are:

  • Rob Manzoli
  • Richard Fairbrass
  • Fred Fairbrass.

Manzoli, Richard and Fred are representatives of Right Said Fred, sort of a one-hit wonder pop group from the UK. Their debut track, I’m Too Sexy (1991), was one of the coolest songs of the early 1990s.

The two Fairbrass brothers still employ the Right Said Fred moniker as of the writing of this post.  But as implied above, even to this day they’re eating off I’m Too Sexy, i.e. Drake’s own Way 2 Sexy relying heavily on a sample/interpolation of this song.

Dave Meyers directed the music video to this track which, perhaps as an homage to the era I’m Too Sexy was dropped in, features a number of 20th century pop (primarily musical) references. But it also sports a cameo from a very 21st century star, that being NBA great Kawhi Leonard, whom Drake got close to upon Kawhi successfully playing for Drizzy’s hometown Toronto Raptors a couple of years back.

The music video also witnesses the main vocalist take on a number of different acting roles.

Way 2 Sexy

Charts’ Performances

“Way 2 Sexy” was #1 in United States of America.

However, it took multiple positions in the Top-10 Hits in various countries.

New Zealand#7
South Africa#6
United Kingdom#5

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The reference to Tesla is actually a popular type of ecstasy pill in the shape of the Tesla logo. It’s not a reference to the actual car or company.

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