“Die Slow” by Young Thug (ft. Strick)

First off, Strick’s appearance on Young Thug’s “Die Slow” could have just as easily been classified in a backup vocalist capacity as opposed to a featured artist. That is to say that by and large, his role in this song is relegated to that of adlibbing, as he isn’t given his own verse proper and only serves as the lead vocalist of the refrain and outro. 

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So this is for the most part, a Young Thug solo track that we’re dealing with. And based on the lyrics, perhaps the best way to define this piece is as it being centered on his come-up.

We witness Thugger reflecting on his youth, especially in the interlude, which is said to be based on true stories. The narratives he relays in this passage are a bit too convoluted for us to really get into here. But what it breaks down to is that there was a lot of beef and even violence in Thug’s domestic situation, i.e. his family life, while he was growing up.

And relatedly, the rapper also takes on a reflective tone in the verses themselves, not only in a personal sense but also in terms of commenting on the economic plight of his people. And whereas there is, as expected, some braggadocio mixed in also, this track can ultimately be said to operate more along the lines of encouraging listeners to work hard towards their goal as opposed to accepting the mediocrity which street life has to offer. 

But that said, it’s a bit challenging to understand what the title is supposed to mean within the context it is presented. But based on the intro, it is possible that Young Thug is actually alluding to drug abuse as a habit that will kill one gradually if not effectively dealt with.

Also, it should be noted that by far the most ear-catching line in this song comes at the very beginning of the second verse, whereas Thugger notes that he ‘always knew he wasn’t going to be gay’. That’s an interesting quote for a number of reasons. But at the top of the list would be the fact that throughout the years Young Thug has consistently dealt with gay rumors and often offered very open-ended responses to such matters. So this marks one of the few occasions, if not the first, whereas he has more or less stated forthrightly that he is not interested in men sexually.

"Die Slow" Lyrics

Facts about “Die Slow”

“Die Slow” was officially made public on 15 October 2021, though having been premiered, via the Rolling Loud hip-hop festival, in July of that year. Additionally, this track is known to have been recorded back in 2019.

Strick is a rapper from North Carolina who signed to Young Thug’s label, YSL Records, in 2018. To date he’s dropped a couple of mixtapes as well as an EP, “See You When I Land” (2019).

Also as to be expected since he’s signed under Thugger, Strick has a notable collaboration history rapping alongside his label boss. Apparently this dates back, in an official capacity, to the 2018 YSL track STS.

Strick and Young Thug are credited as the writers of “Die Slow”, as is its producer, Charlie Handsome.

This song is the opening track on Punk. Punk is Young Thug’s second studio album, which is a product of YSL, 300 Entertainment, the Warner Music Group and its subsidiary, Atlantic Records.

Die Slow

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