“Epidemic” by Polo G

Polo G’s “Epidemic” tries to address some societal issues such as firearms and street gangs among American youth. Polo G begins by highlighting how these problems have taken away the lives of some people just because they oppose the work of the gangs. He also indicates that though he might have acquired some material things, it is not enough to turn back the hand of time in order to change certain things and have a better and exciting life.

He also talks about how he wishes people he had known for a long time will not change their behavior just because they have seen a development in their lives. In addition, he expresses his disapproval about how people have to engage themselves in illegal things just to make money. He further advises that there should be a better way to solve this menace completely rather than putting patches on it. This he likened to a woman who relied on plastic surgery to cover her flaws.

Did Polo G write “Epidemic”?

Yes, he did. However, Polo received assistance from other writers in that regard. And they include:

  • LondnBlue
  • K. Bankz
  • Tahj Money
  • Dmac

All the names mentioned above also produced “Epidemic”.

When was “Epidemic” released?

September, 2020

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