“Bop It” by Fivio Foreign (ft. Polo G)

Recorded as the first official collaboration between Polo G & Fivio Foreign, “Bop It” is the second track off Fivio’s 2020 “B.I.B.L.E” album. It was made commercially available on October 2, 2020.

The production was carried out by Kenny Beatz and CuBeatz. The writing, on the other hand, was handled by Fivio Foreign himself Polo G and the following:

  • Tim Gomringer
  • Kevin Gomringer
  • K. Beats

The titular phrase “Bop It”, is a direct reference to a toy line of audio games with the same name. In these games, players are required to either ‘pull it’, ‘twist it’, or ‘bop it’ in order to progress in the game. In the track, the writer makes use of these terms and actions to describe how he interacts with different women sexually.

In the chorus, the narrator stresses on how he makes numerous moves in his sexual encounters with different women. In doing so, he vividly describes his women’s bodily movements and likening them to snakes. At some point, he even recalls an incident where he got stuck at his party, soaking in alcohol and having fun with ladies.

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