“3 Headed Goat” by Lil Durk (ft. Polo G & Lil Baby)

Rap songs like “3 Headed Goat” are a bit difficult to explain. It is easy to just say the artists are bragging about their wealth and toughness, but that would not be doing the lyrics ample justice. Instead what we have here is a more-focused lyrical display. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Lil Durk's 3 Headed Goat at Lyrics.org.

And Lil Durk and the homeys don’t come off so much as if they’re bragging per se. Sure, there are the expected references to the fact that they’re doing better financially than the rest of us. But more to the point, this track reads as if it is a homage to their come-up. Also they are calling out peers who present themselves as being street-authentic but in reality are not. 

Additionally they challenge those who question their own authenticity. Moreover the rappers are not presenting themselves as being invincible but, all things considered, just as vulnerable as everyone else. That’s why they are compelled to keep the gat close for instance, just in case someone tries to victimize them.

Meanwhile the prevailing theory at the time of the track’s release is that the titular “goat” is supposed to allude to the acronym G.O.A.T., i.e. greatest of all time. However, there is nothing specifically in the lyrics to support this idea. 

So for now we’ll just take the title means that the featured rappers are all one animal, so to speak. Or another way of looking at it is their individual experiences as well as current dispositions of chillin’ yet always being on guard are one in the same.

Facts about “3 Headed Goat”

Lil Durk, Polo and Lil Baby wrote “3 Headed Goat” in conjunction with the track’s producers, Keyyz and Cicero.

Alamo Records, Geffen Records and Lil Durk’s own Only the Family label released this track on 7 May 2020.

Lil Durk has collaborated with both his fellow Chi-town native, Polo G, as well as the ATL’s Lil Baby in the past.

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