“Surf” by Mac Miller

Mac Miller’s “Surf” seems to be centered on the concept of personal growth.  In the first verse Mac is applying this aspiration to himself and his lover.  That is to say that he is entreating her to adopt a positive outlook on life, like himself. And in doing so he is convinced that they will in fact take full advantage of the opportunities the world has to offer. 

Meanwhile in the second verse he is chanting about his own personal loneliness. And even though he feels a strong sense of isolation, he knows that somewhere out in the world is someone he can genuinely relate to. He is also convinced his true “home” is out there somewhere, even if he has yet to find it. 

So even though the word “surf” is never mentioned in the lyrics, obviously the title of this song is meant to point to the idea of individuals being compelled to set out in search of a more-fulfilling life.

Lyrics of "Surf"

Writing and Production

“Surf” was written and produced by Mac Miller in conjunction with Jon Brion.

Release Date of “Surf”

It is one of the songs which comprises the playlist of Mac Miller posthumous album “Circles”. This project was released by Warner Records on 17 January 2020.

FYI, the above mentioned project was supported by just one single (“Good News“).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Surf was actually mentioned once in the lyrics, and the very beginning.

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