Mac Miller’s “Good News” Lyrics Meaning

“Good News” follows the late Mac Miller’s mind frame as he progresses from a state of deep depression into eventually coming to the conclusion that the situation “ain’t that bad”, as in adopting a more-positive mindset. Though there is still much to be desired. 

Indeed the title of this track is based on people in Miller’s life always compelling him to give them “good news”, as in come off as if he’s okay. And the problem from his perspective is that they want him to do so even when, as in the present case, he is not. Moreover he relays an idea like when he isn’t depressed and to the contrary is fully exuberant, he makes these same people “uncomfortable”. 

So in a way we can interpret this song as one in which Mac is criticizing his celebrity, as in the individuals he deals with having a damned-if-he-does/damned-if-he-doesn’t type of mentality towards him. 

Primary Theme of “Good News”

But overall its main theme is his depression, which even he admits is a disposition he is known for. But more to the point seems to be the vocalist not having anyone in his life who really understands and appreciates his mood swings. And as aforementioned, the tune concludes on a positive note with Mac expressing a belief that he’ll eventually come out of this funk. But he also understands that in order for this favorable outcome to transpire he must make a faithful effort to bring it to pass.

Lyrics of "Good News"

Quick Facts about “Good News”

The music video to this song was directed by the pair of Anthony Gaddis and Eric Tilford.

“Good News” was released on 9 January 2020 as the lead single from Mac Millier’s first posthumous alum, which is entitled “Circles”. It also marks the first official Mac Miller release since Miller’s untimely passing in late 2018.  And the label behind the project is Warner Records.

“Good News” was written and produced by Miller and J. Brion.

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  1. RamboRocks says:

    wow. Yeah, this song…. It summed up my mood. I deleted all my msgs, looked through my phone and decided who would i want to text… then deleted the others. At the end of all, it was those whole wanted good news, bad news, good news. The next purge is coming. But thats all i got now.

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