“Once a Day” by Mac Miller

Mac Miller’s “Once a Day” reads a lot like a poem – and a personal one at that.  In it Miller seems to be harping on one of his usual subjects, which is being a victim of depression. More specifically, he describes going through this affliction as being a lonely experience. So as is also common with this artist, he sympathizes with those in the audience who may be likewise suffering.  And he goes on to give advice, which is once again part of his standard mode of operation. And that is that such individuals should not ‘keep it all in their heads’. 

But that being said, the title of this song is meant to allude to the reality that said depression is a never-ending distress. Or the way he poetically phrases the situation in the chorus is meant to show that an individual cannot escape from his or her own thoughts. But such is not going to keep a person like Mac from also making a continuous effort to find a solution to this negativity.

Lyrics of "Once a Day"

All in all, Miller is telling the world he has to deal with depression on a daily basis. But despite this, he will continue to fight for a better day.

Writing and Production Credits for “Once a Day”

“Once a Day” was written and produced by Mac Miller. 

Miller’s regular collaborator Jon Brion, who was with the late artist when he recorded “Once a Day”, stated that he cried due to being emotionally overwhelmed as the recording was taking place.

Release Date

It is featured on his first posthumous album, “Circles”. And the track was released by Warner Records on 17 January 2020.

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