‘BOOMBAYAH‘ is a spicy song that expresses feelings of attraction between a boy and a girl. It is sung from the perspective of the girl and how irresistible she is to the guy in question. The beats are pulsating and make for good party music. The lyrics brilliantly reflect the sass and gorgeous personalities of the various BLACKPINK members.

Each singer adds her own unique flavor to the composition. Elements of rap, techno, and pop combine together in a feast for the senses.

‘BOOMBAYAH‘ really is a great reminder of BLACPINK’s origins and how far they have come. It also serves a decent piece of music that will be appreciated by diehard and casual fans. 

‘BOOMBAYAH’ was brought to the world by BLACKPINK on August 8, 2016. It is one of two tracks from their hit album titled Square One. The other track is titled “Whistle“.

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