Meaning of “Long Journey” by Rod Wave

“Long Journey” finds Rod Wave, talking about his past and how he managed to overcome the hardships in his life to achieve success. He remembers the rough neighborhood he grew up in, where he constantly faced danger and mentions feeling lost even after becoming rich and famous.

Despite the struggles, including dealing with other people’s problems now that he has money, he continuously expresses his gratitude to God for guiding him and protecting him from “devils”, or bad influences and dangers. The chorus is a thankful prayer to God, emphasizing the blessings he has received and the path that has been cleared for him.

“Dear God, I thank You for (I thank You)
Everything You gave to us, uh
You kept them devils away from us, uh
And You finally made a way for us, so I say”

When was “Long Journey” released?

“Long Journey” is the second song on the tracklisting of “Nostalgia”, which is the 5th studio offering of Florida rapper Rod Wave. It was released on 15th September, 2023.

Writers & Producers

The Florida star is credited as the sole author of this song, which was produced by the following artists:

  • Atononmymind
  • Fasbeats
  • BeatsByTrain
  • ​Camm
Long Journey

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