Meaning of “2018” by Rod Wave (ft. Sadie Jean)

In “2018”, both Rod Wave and Sadie Jean, express a deep sense of nostalgia and longing for a past relationship, a theme carried throughout the song with references to their youth and unfulfilled plans they had made together.

Nostalgia and Regret

Sadie Jean starts the song recalling a time she spotted someone at her show who reminded her of a past love. She shares how she has been trying to find love online but no one compares to her former partner. Sadie reveals that despite the time that has passed, the deep feelings and the high standards set by the past relationship remain.

Missed Opportunities

In the chorus, Sadie expresses regret and a longing to reconnect, reminiscing about the dreams they shared when they were younger. She reflects on the unfulfilled plans of living together and the lingering hope of rekindling the relationship. It shows Sadie stuck in a period of her life, unable to move on, holding onto the vision of what could have been.

Rekindling Hope

In the second verse, Sadie portrays a sense of maturity and readiness to overcome the past hurdles in her relationship. She talks about her personal growth and success but also the lingering desire to reconnect and “put it in the past tense,” indicating a wish to start anew, leaving the past behind.

Career Success and Loneliness

Rod Wave takes over in the third verse, sharing his perspective of their past relationship. He talks about his career taking off at a young age and how it came with its own set of challenges, including a sense of loneliness and regret over losing their connection. Despite the success, there is an evident hole in his life, a missing piece, which is the relationship he had with Sadie.

Lingering Feelings

The chorus repeats with Sadie expressing the lingering feelings and the desire to know what the other person is doing now. There is a clear sense of longing and a hope that they can still work things out, showing that the feelings they had at seventeen still hold a strong place in their hearts even as they navigate their twenties. Here, there is a sense of nostalgia coupled with a desperate wish to reconnect and fulfill the dreams they once had for their future.

“I don’t wanna be twenty-something
And still in my head about
Seventeen, in my bedroom talking
You said that by now
We’d paint the walls of our shared apartment
You’re still everything I want, and
I think wе could work it out
So what are you doin’ now?”

Release Date of “2018”

On September 15 of 2023 Rod Wave and his management officially released “2018”, which is the last song on the tracklist of the rapper’s fifth studio album “Nostalgia”.

Credits for “2018”

Wave authored “2018” along with its featured artist Sadie Jean, who is an American music star known for her viral hit “WYD Now?”. As for production, the task was achieved solely by EELmatic.


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