Meaning of “Great Gatsby” by Rod Wave

On “Great Gatsby”, Rod Wave expresses deep emotional turmoil and physical sickness stemming from missing a significant person in his life, showcasing an intense and complex love. Despite holding a grand party, his only focus remains on his memories with her, illustrating his longing and the deep connection they share. Towards the end of the song, there’s a pronounced desire to reunite and rekindle their relationship, highlighting a sense of hope and a deep-seated affection for her.

Emotional Turmoil

In this part of the song, Rod Wave is deeply troubled. He can’t stop thinking about a significant person in his life. He misses her intensely, to the point of feeling physically ill without her presence. He remembers the deep connection they had and can’t seem to find a balance in his life without her.

Huge Party

Here, Wave describes throwing a massive party, an event of the century. Despite the lively atmosphere and the presence of many people, he clarifies that everything he is doing is to remember her, and perhaps to dull the pain of missing her. He doesn’t seem to enjoy the party himself, indicating his deep longing for her.

Struggling with Separation

In this section, he portrays himself as being lost and tormented due to their separation. He sees her as both a close friend and an enemy, depicting a complicated relationship. Despite putting on a brave face, deep down he is not okay without her, showing his vulnerability and the depth of his feelings for her.

Desire to Reignite the Flame

Towards the end, he expresses a deep desire to reunite with her and rekindle the flame they once had. He wishes to shut the world out and just be with her, indicating how precious their bond is to him. He longs to feel the warmth and love that they shared, once more, suggesting a glimmer of hope and a longing for reconciliation.

“Where you at right now? Let me pull up and let’s talk about it
I finally got some time alone and I thought about it
I swear to God your love is war, it’s so much I can take
I been thuggin’ for so long, bae, give me a break”

What is the meaning of “Great Gatsby”?

In the lyrics, the reference to the “Great Gatsby” likely alludes to a grand, lavish party, similar to the extravagant parties thrown by the character Jay Gatsby in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby.” The character Gatsby is known for hosting opulent parties with the hidden motive of reuniting with his lost love, Daisy Buchanan.

Similarly, in the song, the singer throws “the party of the century,” highlighting a deep yearning and the lengths he’s willing to go to rekindle a relationship with someone he still harbors feelings for. The overarching theme appears to be one of longing and the complexities of love, with the party serving as a metaphor for his attempts to reach out and perhaps reconnect with a lost love.

Great Gatsby

Release Date of “Great Gatsby”

“Great Gatsby” is the thirteenth song from the playlist of Rod Wave’s fifth studio offering titled “Nostalgia”. The track and its album were both made public on the same date, which is 15th September of 2023.  

Did Rod Wave write “Great Gatsby”?

The Florida-born rapper handled the entire writing task for this song. Production took a collaborative effort from several producers, as mentioned below:

  • TrillGotJuice
  • Reach High Eli
  • FlexOnDaTrack
  • TnTXD
  • Geo Vocals

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