Meaning of “Nostalgia” by Rod Wave

Rod Wave’s “Nostalgia” portrays deep sadness and a longing to reconnect with a significant person from the past. Rod discusses the hustle and fast pace of his music career, feeling distanced from his roots and craving genuine relationships over superficial connections. He shares the struggles he faces in the music industry, including the competitive nature and lack of true friendship. Despite the challenges, he remains focused on his career, showcasing both his successes and the isolation that comes with fame.

Feeling the Distance

In the chorus (which is handled by Wet’s Kelly Zutrau), the singer expresses feeling distant from someone important to her. There’s a deep sadness and a longing to bridge the gap that has formed between them. Kelly feels the day is passing by too quickly, and she doesn’t get to see or feel the presence of her loved one. The “sun setting” and “leaves falling” might symbolize that time is moving on, yet she is stuck, unable to move forward without this person.

The Hustle

Rod Wave opens his verse recounting his hectic life filled with travels and a busy schedule due to his music career. He mentions being “disconnected from the trenches,” which could mean he feels detached from his roots or the struggles he experienced growing up. Despite his success, he still holds onto his original circle of friends and doesn’t crave superficial relationships with new friends or Instagram-famous people.

Changes and Challenges

He nostalgically remembers the early days of his career, performing in small clubs and earning little. Now, his shows are as big as basketball playoff games. But this fame comes with its challenges. He speaks about the tension and lack of genuine love in the competitive music industry. The artist feels a disconnect not just with his romantic relationships but also with the people in his industry, feeling tension more than love.

Staying Focused

Despite the challenges and the changed dynamics in his relationships, Rod is determined to stay focused and not lose sight of his vision. He reflects on his journey from facing evictions to being on successful tours, emphasizing his hard work and the grind that got him to where he is now. It’s a mix of pride in his achievements and a realization of the loneliness that comes with it.

Repeating the Loss

The chorus repeats, emphasizing the loss and longing he feels in his hectic life. Rod Wave joins Kelly in the chorus this time, perhaps indicating that he deeply resonates with the feelings of loss and longing expressed in it. It’s like a cry from his heart, missing the simpler times and the genuine connections he used to have. The repetition might signify a constant loop of these feelings in his life.

“Where did the day go? (Alright)
I never get to see you (Alright)
I never get to feel you (Uh, alright), ooh, ooh
Where did the day go?
I never get to see you
I never get to feel you, ooh, ooh”

 When did Rod Wave release “Nostalgia”?

“Nostalgia” hit the airwaves on 15th September 2023. It is the title track and first song on the playlist of Rod Wave’s fifth album.   

Credits for “Nostalgia”

This is one of several tracks on the “Nostalgia” album, which EELmatic produced. In addition to his production duties, EELmatic also contributed to the penning of the song. Wave and Wet, an indie pop duo from the US, are the other songwriters credited for writing this song.


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