“Mutual Friend” by Jessie Reyez

The “mutual friend” mentioned in the title is someone who is a close associate of both Jessie Reyez and addressee. The way the situation logically is as if the latter two had a falling out approximately “seven months” ago. Most of the lyrics of the song don’t really speak to the nature of their past relationship. But what is implied is that the nature of their union was romantic. 

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Moreover, what’s being very strongly insinuated is that the dissolution of said union was the result of grimy actions on the part of the addressee.

So now, with that premise in mind, what Jessie has learned from their mutual friend is basically that this ex wants her back. And to make a long story short, she is totally against that idea. The lyrics never specify what it is this person did to her. But the pre-chorus, in which the vocalist counts this individual lucky that ‘she didn’t hurt him back’, sounds a lot like something a lady would say to a guy that cheated on her, since the fairer sex can generally get another guy in the sack than vice versa.

So for whatever reason, this mutual friend of theirs is currently under the impression that Jessie may still be in her feelings as the victim of a broken heart. But the vocalist is clarifying that nothing could be farther from the truth. 

So conclusively, what’s being put forth here sentiment wise, most basically explained, is that the addressee hurt her so much that now the vocalist finds it completely impossible to forgive him, even imagining that ‘if he died tomorrow’, she probably wouldn’t shed a tear.

Jessie Reyez, "Mutual Friend" Lyrics

Release Date of “Mutual Friend”

As of the release of this track on 12 August 2022, Jessie Reyez, a 31 year old songstress, who is in the process of assembling her second studio album, “Yessie”, a project that’s being brought to us by Island Records. 

Her first LP, “Before Love Came to Kill Us” (2020), did pretty well in the US, UK and Jessie’s homeland of Canada. And thus far she has released one other single from “Yessie”, that being “Fraud”, earlier in 2022.

It would appear that the first time Reyez performed this song live was just a few hours before its issuance. She did so via an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Moreover this track comes complete with its own video, with its director being Peter Huang.


Jessie Reyez is credited with writing this song alongside its producer, Rykeyz. And the vocalist has noted that the lyrics reflect a situation she is going through in real life.

Mutual Friend

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