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How Much Is The Fish? – Decoding the Euphoric Beats of a 90s Rave Classic

It’s a question that has puzzled fans and casual listeners alike since its thunderous entry into the 90s rave scene—’How Much Is The Fish?’ The techno anthem by German band Scooter isn’t just an earworm; it’s a cultural cipher waiting to be decrypted. On the surface, the track may seem like a nonsensical amalgamation of repetitive beats and curious inquiries about seafood pricing, but beneath the charged pulsating rhythms lies a sonic labyrinth ripe with interpretations.

Nessaja – Unraveling the Depths of Self-Discovery in Dance Music

Against the pulsating beats and vibrant synthesizers of early 2000s dance music, the German band Scooter delivered an unexpected odyssey with ‘Nessaja’. The track, which at first listen might seem like a straightforward rave anthem, is actually a layered narrative of personal evolution and the eternal quest for a sense of belonging.

"These Days"

“These Days” by Scooter

The lyrics of Scooter’s “These Days” are very terse, to the point whereas it is obvious, to some deep, that interpretation is left up to us, the audience. The focus is on the titular “these...

"Wand'rin' Star"

“Wand’rin’ Star” by Scooter

This song centers on the vocalist presenting himself as a “wandering star”. What that means, as explained by the lyrics, is that he is always on the move, exploring new territories and embarking on fresh...

"Futurum Est Nostrum"

“Futurum Est Nostrum” by Scooter

The title of this track (“Futurum Est Nostrum”) translates from Latin to “it is our future”. And as to be expected with such a name, it reads sort of like one of those songs rock...

"Never Stop The Show"

“Never Stop The Show” by Scooter

“Never Stop The Show” serves largely as a shoutout Scooter is giving to themselves. And it is based on one of the motifs of “God Save the Rave”, which is their wherewithal to in fact stay...