“Rave Teacher (Somebody Like Me)” by Scooter (ft. Xillions)

Scooter’s “Rave Teacher (Somebody Like Me)” can either be about romantic love or the love of music. The song’s addressee would obviously be a romantic interest. But considering the primary theme of “God Save the Rave”, which is Scooter’s affection for and dedication to the type of music they produce, it can also be interpreted, metaphorically, as if the person he is singing to is actually a personification of their fandom. 

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And the reason we can present such an argument is because certain parts of the song, such as the final verse, read more as if H. P. Baxxter is singing about making music rather than being with a lady.

A Celebration

Either way, in celebrating that he has now found someone like himself, the vocalist would likely mean an individual who shares the same enjoyment of music he does. We can safely make this assumption because once again, based on the rest of the album this track is featured on, we know that Baxxter and co. enjoy music more so than anything else. 

In fact they have gotten that point across so effectively that we find it somewhat surprising, now getting near the end of the project’s playlist, that they actually dropped a song based with a romantic as opposed to musical theme. But even if interpreted as such, this isn’t so much about the vocalist falling in love. Instead what he is really relishing is the fact that he has found someone of such a standing who actually shares common interest with himself. And as such he can serve as her “rave teacher”, i.e. the person who teaches her the intricacies of the genre, which he is well adept in – in addition to making love to her, of course.

But again, that is if one opts to interpret this song in such a manner. For if you want to stretch the wording a bit it is also conceivable, as put forth earlier, that the addressee personifies Scooter’s fandom. Or at the very least Baxxter deems this lady to be akin to his fans in that like them, he must also indoctrinate her in “the rave”.

Lyrics to "Rave Teacher (Somebody Like Me)"

When was “Rave Teacher (Somebody Like Me)” released?

Scooter dropped this song officially on April 5th, 2019. It was actually the first song Scooter released as a single tot support their “God Save the Rave” album. In all, the album was marketed by the release of 9 singles.

"Rave Teacher (Somebody Like Me)"

“God Save the Rave’

Scooter’s twentieth album, God Save the Rave was officially issued on April 16, 2021.

The album features a number of spectacular collaborations with some of the music industries finest. Collaborating with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike on the track, We Love Hardcore. They also collaborated with Timmy Trumpet on Paul is Dead. Another noteworthy collaboration was with Harris & Ford for the title track, God Save the Rave.

The seventh track on the album, Which Light Switch is Which? features samples of T-Marc featuring Vincent’s 1995 song, Strings of Infinity.

Wandr’rin’ Star, a cover version of the 1951 song appears as the fifteenth track, but is replaced in the album’s vinyl edition by another song titled “Lugosi”.

The album’s tour which was initially scheduled to take place in summer 2020 was later rescheduled to 2022 as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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