“Never Stop The Show” by Scooter

“Never Stop The Show” serves largely as a shoutout Scooter is giving to themselves. And it is based on one of the motifs of “God Save the Rave”, which is their wherewithal to in fact stay loyal to the rave. 

Or as can perhaps be stated otherwise, they really love living for this cause. And they do in fact perceive adhering to this lifestyle as a cause, not just a profession. 

Or rather, we can term their perception of what they do for a living as being more akin to a calling than a job. It is not only what they do but what they live. And that is why the vocalist is asserting that no matter what calamity may come against him, no one or nothing ‘could ever stop the show’.

And relatedly, “Never Stop the Show” features what can be gleaned as one of the major themes of the God Save the Rave album. And that is Scooter, a group that has been around since 1993, touting their longevity as popular musicians.

In all, what this song is speaking to is a never-say-die spirit. It talks about the type of man who would never allow anything to stand in the way of him making his contribution to the world.

Lyric for "Never Stop The Show"

Song’s Information

  • Writing Credits: H.P. Baxxter.
  • Release Date: “Never Stop the Show” was made available to the public on 16th April, 2021.
  • Album: It is the third track from Scooter’s “God Save the Rave” project.

“God Save the Rave”

God Save the Rave is the twentieth studio album self-produced by iconic group Scooter.

It was the first album to be released after Phil Speiser left the band. Prior to its release, the band had in April 2019 announced that producer Sebastian Schilde would replace Phil who had been a member since 2014.

Scooter released the album through their long-standing record label Kontor Records and Sheffield Tunes.

"Never Stop The Show"

The cover art depicts a modified version of Leonardo’s painting of The Last Supper in front of three huge party speakers and what seems to be cloudy heavenly beams above.

The fourth track, We Love Hardcore features samples of Zombie Nation’s 1999 song titled “Kernkraft 400“.

In all, the album consists of 15 tracks and spans for 52 minutes 17 seconds in total. Most of the lyrics in the songs are credited to frontman and main songwriter, H. P. Baxxter.

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