“These Days” by Scooter

The lyrics of Scooter’s “These Days” are very terse, to the point whereas it is obvious, to some deep, that interpretation is left up to us, the audience. The focus is on the titular “these days”, and we will interpret that idiom based on its common usage, as in pointing to the current era. And the singer is putting forth two notions in terms of such. 

One is that they are “start(ing) to blend together”, and the other is they’re “starting to change”. Both of those assertions are ambiguous enough. But we will assume all of this has something to with music, considering that the only time H. P. Baxxter deviates from the subject of “these days” is when he briefly expounds on “the sound”.

We know that he considers “the rave” to be a very important part of not only his life but also others. And taking all of this into consideration, including how he describes the “the sound” as being ‘meaningful’ and uses the analogy of “hollow ground” in relation to it, it is arguable that he perceives the current era as one whereas rave will make a comeback, so to speak.

Lyrics for "These Days"

God Save The Rave

“These Days” was officially released along with the band’s twentieth official album in April of 2021. The album in question goes by the title “God Save the Rave”.

Written during the period when the world was facing the COVID-19 pandemic, the album’s original release date had to be postponed. Instead of being released in 2020, it came out a year later.

Scooter, prior to this, was noted for leaving only a one-to two-year gap between albums. God Save the Rave, however, was released almost four years after their nineteenth album, Scooter Forever was issued.

Hans Peter Geerdes, known on stage as H.P Baxxter wrote all of the lyrics for the album’s tracks.

The band worked on the production process themselves but released it through the labels Sheffield Tunes and Kontor Records.

The twelfth track titled “Анастасия” is pronounced “Anastasia”.

Scooter marketed this project with as many as 9 single releases. These include:

Who wrote “These Days”?

This song makes use of samples from a 2015 song by Oliver Koletzi which goes by the title “Iyéwaye”. Owing to this, the official writing credits for “These Days” are as follows:

  • H.P. Baxxter
  • Michael Simon
  • Sebastian Schilde
  • Jens Thele

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