“God Save The Rave” by Scooter (ft. Harris & Ford)

It is obvious that the term “rave”, as used on this project (i.e. album), transcends the genre of music which it is named after. Rather it represents a force and a countercultural hard-party culture which the music itself is privileged to embody. And since such music is in fact an effective way to relay and practice this, Scooter will tirelessly keep on raving.

But when they boast of their tenacity at doing so, it does not appear as if they are speaking only for themselves. Rather they are giving a shoutout to all likeminded individuals who rave is such an incessant fashion. Moreover, the vocalist perceives himself as a leader of this movement. 

And furthermore, as indicated by the title of the track (“God Save the Rave”), he also takes this all serious enough to ask God to preserve it.

Scooter's "God Save The Rave" Lyrics

In all, Scooter is idealizing a lifestyle filled to the brim with raving that is not only incessant but also never ending.

Information about this Song

  • Composing Credits: H.P. Baxxter, founder and leader of Scooter composed this song.
  • Release Date: This song was released prior to its album on 31st May, 2021.
  • Album Details: “God Save the Rave” appears on Scooter’s twentieth album of the same title. Scooter officially dropped this as a single prior to the album’s official release date in April of 2021.
"God Save The Rave"

The Album “God Save the Rave”

Originally set to be released in winter 2020, Scooter’s twentieth studio album was issued on 16 April 2021 through multiple record labels, including Sheffield Tunes.

The reason for the postponement is attributed to the extended lockdowns as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The album’s tour which was also expected to happen in summer 2020 was rescheduled to 2022 for the same reason.

The album peaked on the UK Dance Albums charts within the Top 5. It also achieved the same feat on the German Albums (Offizielle Top 100) charts shortly after its release. Furthermore, it ranked among the top 10 on the Austrian Albums chart.

Official Singles

In addition to the project’s title track, the following songs were also released as singles from the project:

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