“Futurum Est Nostrum” by Scooter

The title of this track (“Futurum Est Nostrum”) translates from Latin to “it is our future”. And as to be expected with such a name, it reads sort of like one of those songs rock acts tend to put out from time-to-time asserting the strength of their generation. 

Or more accurately in terms of what we’re dealing with today, this is the type where the vocalist is presenting his generation as being superior to their forefathers, even if he doesn’t go as far as to actually say it.

For instance, he makes a lofty statement like they “are the light”. But more importantly is the aforementioned idea that the future does belong to them. 

So Scooter comes off as if, as generally deduced, they are identifying with the youth, despite the fact that the act is relatively aged.

But it can also responsibly be said that, even though this is a generational song, the vocalist is not talking of one based on age. Rather what he is speaking to is the “rave” generation. And he apparently holds himself and his ilk in such high regard, as possessors of the future, due to the perceived viability in the culture they practice.

Lyrics to "Futurum Est Nostrum"

“Futurm Est Nostrum” Info

  • Writing: “Futurm Est Nostrum” was composed by H.P. Baxxter (co-founder of Scooter)
  • Release: Scooter released this on April 16th, 2021 from their 2021 hit album which goes by the title “God Save the Rave”

“God Save the Rave”

Scooter, after gaining success with their nineteenth album, Scooter Forever, waited almost four years before issuing their twentieth studio album in 2021. The said album, which is titled “God Save the Rave”, was self-produced by the band.

The album’s thirteenth track, Devil’s Symphony samples Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski’s 1877 song titled Act 2, Scene 10: Moderato.

The album entered the Top 5 of the UK Dance Albums Charts and the German Albums charts (Offizielle Top 100). The album also reached Top 10 status on the Austrian Albums Chart.

Several singles have been produced from this album and released from 2019 to 2021. These singles include title track God Save the Rave and the following:

"Futurum Est Nostrum"

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