“Wand’rin’ Star” by Scooter

This song centers on the vocalist presenting himself as a “wandering star”. What that means, as explained by the lyrics, is that he is always on the move, exploring new territories and embarking on fresh adventures. Or stated otherwise, he is out looking to fulfill what he perceives as his destiny. And he definitely does not consider being at home as part of said destiny. 

In fact just as committed he is to wandering, he also appears convicted to never return home. Moreover, in his travels he has learned that under some circumstances yes, nature can a b*t*h. But in terms of experiencing actual depression, it is only human cruelty which can “make you cry”.

So conclusively, this is the song of a traveler. And not only that, but he is someone who actually revels in the act of “wandering” in and of itself.

"Wand'rin' Star" Lyrics

God Save the Rave

“Wand’rin’ Star” by Scooter can be found on the band’s twentieth studio album. The album (which goes by the title “God Save the Rave”) garnered considerable attention following its release on April 16, 2021.

It is the first to include new member Sebastian Schilde, who became the replacement for Phil Speiser in 2019.

Scooter handled the production of the album and released it through its longtime record label, Sheffield Tunes, and Kontor Records.

The album’s tour dates were shifted to 2022 because of renewed lockdown restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The tour was originally scheduled for summer 2020.

Track 14 of the album, These Days samples Oliver Koletzi’s 2015 song titled Iyewaye.

The album is available in a CD and vinyl edition. CD1 is made up of 15 tracks, while the vinyl version contains 14 tracks and is 64 minutes long.

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