“Bassdrum” by Scooter (ft. FiNCH ASOZiAL)

Scooter is a band which consistently depicts music and the fact that they have adopted “the rave” as their profession in a positive light. Basically music plays a very important role in their existence beyond just putting food on the table. 

And this (“Bassdrum”) is yet another song from the God Save the Rave album era which relays such an idea, albeit a bit more creatively than some of the others. 

And as far as how the terms “bass” and “drum” are utilized therein, they can be said to be synonymous with Scooter’s aforementioned perception of music. 

The reason the crew, alongside Finch Asozial, are ‘celebrating the bassdrum’ is because it represents consistency amongst change – their life’s purpose, if you will. 

Also, as implied earlier, their adoption of such represents an ideology. Or let’s say being dedicated to their craft is the artists’ at hand’s manifestation of the ever-popular ‘live for the moment’ philosophy. And in terms of the type of music that Scooter and Finch Asozial like to produce, they would of course be that which gets the party jumping.

"Bassdrum" Lyrics

Who wrote “Bassdrum”?

The composer of this song was Scooter’s very own Hans Peter Geerdes. Geerdes is universally known by the pseudonym H.P. Baxxter.

When did Scooter release “Bassdrum”?

Bassdrum” was released on June 5th, 2020. It was the fifth of nine singles released to support “God Save the Rave” album.

“God Save the Rave” by Scooter 

Scooter’s twentieth studio album goes by the title God Save the Rave. It was officially dropped on the 16th of April 2021. The album features collaborations with top talented musicians such as the following:

  • Timmy Trumpet
  • Harris & Ford
  • Xillions,
  • Dimitri Vegas
  • Like Nike

Song recordings were done at the Sheffield Underground studios starting from 2019, when the anticipated release was publicly announced, till its official release in 2021.

Sebastian Schilde, the newest addition to the band features on the album. This made it Sebastian’s first feature on a Scooter project. Sebastian replaced former member Phil Speiser.

The album has nine official singles. Some of these notable ones include:

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