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Sunday Best – The Anthem of Unwavering Optimism Explored

Beneath the buoyant melody and catchy hook of SurFaces’ ‘Sunday Best,’ lies a profound narrative on positivity, self-care, and resilience. It’s a song that garners a sunlit path through the shadowy alleys of adversity—not just through its upbeat tempo, but through the uplifting spirit embedded in its lyrics.

Shine on Top by Surfaces

“Shine on Top” by Surfaces

“Shine on Top” is a tune by a couple of young dudes based on the concept of remaining upbeat and optimistic – or as they put it ‘shining on top’ – even during depressing...

Be Alright by Surfaces

“Be Alright” by Surfaces

On “Be Alright”, the writers anticipate a better ending as they describe their current or past situation. From the verse, the narrators appear to find it difficult to wake up from bed, possibly because...

Falling by Surfaces

“Falling” by Surfaces

The most occurring word and title for this song, ‘’Falling” simply denotes the process of developing strong emotional feelings towards a person of interest. In this case, the singer qualifies it more by adding...

Low by Surfaces

“Low” by Surfaces

“Low” is a song about frustration and depression. The first section of the track is about being overwhelmed by the events happening around him. The singer goes on to narrate how hard he is...

Palm Trees by Surfaces

“Palm Trees” by Surfaces

“Palm Trees” find Surfaces using the palm tree as a symbol of peace or a safe place where you can be without any worry. The first verse narrates a peaceful setting with the singer...

Take Some Time by Surfaces

“Take Some Time” by Surfaces

The song, “Take Some Time” is a love tune talking about trusting each other. Surfaces begins the song with the setting and time of the narrative; the narrator stays in this location waiting for...

Keep It Gold by Surfaces

“Keep It Gold” by Surfaces

Surfaces’ “Keep It Gold” is a song recollecting how far two lovers have come. The song begins with the singer telling the listeners how sure he felt about his partner at the start of...

Good Day by Surfaces

“Good Day” by Surfaces

Surfaces’ “Good Day” portrays a nice relaxing day where all worries are left behind and all you have to think about is yourself. The song starts with the activities of the day. They use...