“Keep It Gold” by Surfaces

Surfaces’ “Keep It Gold” is a song recollecting how far two lovers have come. The song begins with the singer telling the listeners how sure he felt about his partner at the start of the relationship. He also further takes a trip down memory lane remembering how their past tried to break them apart but they overcame it.

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The pre-chorus depicts more about the love he has for his partner. The chorus finds him trying to tell the partner to keep being who she is. He uses the word Gold to symbolize how exceptional she is and doesn’t want her to change (since Gold can rust). He also doesn’t want his partner to change because he feels there they are yet to experience new things together.

In the second stanza, they are presented with a new opportunity to be with each other. He goes on to say they do not have to be rich to enjoy a life of luxury. They should rather be at a place where they can be at peace.  

The bridge vocalizes how they do not need riches to be happy. The singer further states that so long as they are together, happiness is guaranteed.

“Keep It Gold” Facts

“Keep It Gold” was penned by Surfaces own Padalecki and Forrest. The pair also worked together to produce it. Hence they are the exclusive writers and producers of this love-themed track.

In August of 2019, Surfaces released this from their “Horizons” album. It was the first single the pair dropped from “Horizons”.

Timothy Liem provided a drum cover of the song which can be seen on his self-named YouTube channel.

In all, “Horizons” spawned four singles (including this song). Below are the album’s other three singles:

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