“Low” by Surfaces

“Low” is a song about frustration and depression.

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The first section of the track is about being overwhelmed by the events happening around him. The singer goes on to narrate how hard he is trying and yet keeps failing. He also tries to seek help but is unable to do so. In the last line of this section, he asks his listeners if they have the same feeling too.

The chorus that follows is an answer to his question making it look like he is not alone.

The next section depicts a state of depression where you feel all hope is lost. It is at this desperate point that you have no other option than to seek for divine intervention.

The final verse sets a melancholic mood where all you rely on is the happy memories of the past to give you comfort. The singer also further presents a situation where nobody believes you are unhappy. His final line in the section shows he is still hoping for a miracle.


In all, “Low” talks about how life can be so overwhelming at times. It also talks about how society just presumes you are ok making it hard for you to voice out what you are actually going through.

“Low” Facts

  • Key Artist(s): Surfaces
  • Writing and Production: Frank and Padalecki (Surfaces)
  • Release: February, 2018
  • Album/EP: None


  • Pop

Was “Low” released as a single?

Yes. This song was released as a solo project and wasn’t part of any of the group’s albums.

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