“Palm Trees” by Surfaces

“Palm Trees” find Surfaces using the palm tree as a symbol of peace or a safe place where you can be without any worry.

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The first verse narrates a peaceful setting with the singer in a tranquil state. Here, he refers to the sky as his painting.

In the pre-chorus, he is talking about all the rush from the city with everybody trying to figure out how to survive. He goes on to talk about how little he needs to be happy. Here, he is referring to how much he enjoys being by himself.

The ensuing verse details how his new found peace changed his perceptions of how he used to view things. He also shows his appreciation of his tranquility in this stanza. The final line of the verse makes reference to someone that he would have loved to know after he had made this discovery of peace.

The bridge is telling his listeners or friends that he has discovered a place he enjoys and has no plans of leaving.

The outro of the track tells you he is beyond happy where he is.

Did Surfaces write “Palm Trees”?

Yes. Forrest Frank along with Colin Padalecki not only wrote this song together, but they also handled all of its production by exclusively.

What music genre(s) is “Palm Trees”?

In addition to being an R&B tune, this is also a soul song.

Was “Palm Trees” released as a single?

Yes. The duo dropped this song as a non-album single in March of 2019. It was actually the second official single they released in 2019. Their first for that year was the global hit “Sunday Best“.

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