“Falling” by Surfaces

The most occurring word and title for this song, ‘’Falling” simply denotes the process of developing strong emotional feelings towards a person of interest. In this case, the singer qualifies it more by adding that the fall is actually hard, meaning that they are deeply in love with this person.

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The singer takes the time to explain the possible factors that have propelled him to feel this way by addressing how this person has taken over their thoughts and make him feel better. In the second and third verses we see that the singer continues to adore his love interest while explaining that this person has all the qualities they need in a partner.

He goes further to use metaphoric phrases such as ‘tripping through his teeth’ and using ‘icepacks’ to soothe his backache, in a bid to maintain the theme of the song which centers around a ‘fall’. Basically, the singer is saying that they are consumed by this person’s love to the extent that they don’t plan to ever let go. In other words, they are willing to endure this fall to the end.

“Falling” Facts

Falling was produced by CLVS, written by Colin and Forrest, and released on October 8, 2017 as the second single from their 2017 album, Surf. The first single spawned by that album was “Be Alright”.

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