“Good Day” by Surfaces

Surfaces’ “Good Day” portrays a nice relaxing day where all worries are left behind and all you have to think about is yourself.

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The song starts with the activities of the day. They use the first verse to paint the picture of the scenery and activities in the listeners’ mind. They smartly use the last line as a lead to the chorus.

The chorus showcases a stress-free day with not much to do. They additionally present a favorable weather condition which continues to characterize a perfect day.

The second stanza reveals that they are under no restrictions illustrating a scene where you are allowed to be yourself without any worries. It goes further to profess that the environment does not give them the opportunity to feel depressed or sad. The singers continue by saying enough of the sacrifices or thinking about anyone else other than themselves; they use this to show they have earned their time of relaxation. It ends with the fact that there is no single doubt in their minds; everything just seems perfect.

“Good Day” Facts

  • Artist(s): Surfaces
  • Writing: C. Padalecki and F. Frank
  • Production: Frank and Padalecki
  • Release: 2020
  • Album/EP: “Horizon”


  • Pop


Junha NA is one of the famous singers to produce a cover of this song.

Was “Good Day”released as a single?

Yes, it was. Actually it was the second single produced by the duo’s “Horizons” album.

Other singles from “Horizons”

  • “Keep It Gold”
  • Bloom
  • “Lazy”

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