“Take Some Time” by Surfaces

The song, “Take Some Time” is a love tune talking about trusting each other. Surfaces begins the song with the setting and time of the narrative; the narrator stays in this location waiting for his partner to go on a journey together. In this verse, the narrator present a state of uncertainty on the side of the love interest. She first wants to spend her life together with her partner but quite unsettled about her lover’s feelings for her.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Surfaces's Take Some Time at Lyrics.org.

The narrator tries using the chorus to clear her doubts. He reassures her of his love claiming that she is his only priority. He also uses the opportunity to answer any other concern she may be harboring.

In the subsequent verse, they decide to go on a journey together which could mean they would have decided to have a relationship together. The last line in the verse however shows that even though they decided to commit to each other, the lady is still in doubt. He ends the verse with a question just to show the unresolved state of his partner.

The bridge is the singer’s way of telling his partner to take a chance on themselves. He also tries to persuade her to give their relationship a go because he will always be there for her.

 “Take Some Time” Facts

  • Main Artist(s): Surfaces
  • Writing and Production: Forrest and Colin
  • Year of Release: 2019
  • Album/EP: None


  • MatthewtotheMartin in 2020 recorded an acoustic version of the song and uploaded on his YouTube page.

Was “Take Some Time” released as a single?

Yes. Surfaces dropped this song as a single. However, it wasn’t included in any of their studio projects.

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