“Be Alright” by Surfaces

On “Be Alright”, the writers anticipate a better ending as they describe their current or past situation. From the verse, the narrators appear to find it difficult to wake up from bed, possibly because of the challenges that each new day comes with.

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They reflect on these natural moments while appreciating the privilege they have to live freely, love as they choose and have fun. They tell their listeners not to take life too hard but to loosen up and enjoy it as it unravels.

In the outro, the singers reminisce on how they used to be so anxious that they lost their sleep and became suicidal. They realize that even in those difficult moments, they still woke up to another day alive and well. Because of this, they find strength and believe that people will do just fine if they just embrace life and appreciate what they have without giving up.


“Be Alright” is a song of hope. It’s lyrics imply that once nature takes its course and another day dawns, there is something worth looking forward to.

Facts about “Be Alright”

“Be Alright”, which is a track from Surfaces’ “Surf” album was released on September 17, 2017.

It was produced by CLVS and Michael Incavo. The writing, on the other hand, was done by Forrest and Colin in conjunction with Incavo and CLVS.

In a statement on their SoundCloud platform, the group expressed the hope that the song will serve as a compass for those who feel they are lost. The track was distributed by the Universal Music Group.

Was “Be Alright” a single release?

Yes. It was the first of two singles Surfaces released from their maiden studio album “Surf”. It is therefore technically the first formal single they released. The song “Falling” was the album’s second single.

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