“Chapstick” by Jacob Sartorius

Jacob Sartorius was starting to really mature around the time “Chapstick” came out. As such, it is a lot more physically-romantic than some of his earlier singles. That is to say that yes, naming a song after ChapStick, a popular brand of lip balm, is an unusual choice. But the way it is used allegorical is by pointing to the idea of his lips meeting with those of the addressee, that being his sweetheart. But otherwise this is more or less your standard love song, in that the lyrics reflect just how smitten the singer is by the addressee.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Jacob Sartorius's Chapstick at Lyrics.org.

Unlike the earlier songs in his career, Sartorius did not write this one himself. Rather it was penned by Josie Dunne and Sam Ellis, with the latter also serving as its producer.

The music video to this track features an actress named Jenna Ortega as Jacob’s lady. At the time it was rumored that she and Sartorius were dating.

RCA Records released Chapstick on 6 October 2017 as part of Sartorius’s sophomore EP, “Left Me Hangin’”.

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