“Jordans” by Jacob Sartorius

The phrase Jordans is a general, colloquial term for a particular brand of Nike sneakers which are endorsed by Michael Jordan himself. They are perhaps the most-popular footwear imprint in the United States, especially amongst youth like Jacob Sartorius. And whereas the metaphors utilized throughout this track may be deemed cheesy by some, remember that Jacob wrote them himself. And on top of that he was only 14 years old at the time. 

So with that being said, the allegory which is at the center of this tune features the singing loving the addressee, his romantic interest, “like a fresh pair of Jordans”.  Moreover, in acknowledgement of His Airness himself, he drops a number of Michael Jordan and basketball-related references. But ultimately all of them, such as Jacob exclaiming that he and this lady can “together make a dream team”, point to his feelings for her. 

So basically, the addressee would be someone whom he is now trying to get with. And the implication is that he regards her very highly to compare her to a fresh pair of Air Jordans.

Jacob exclusively composed this song. It is a product of his 2017 EP titled “The Last Text EP”. Both track and EP were formally unveiled in January of 2017.

Was “Jordans” released as a single?

No. “The Last Text” actually spawned 5 singles (none of which was “Jordans). The singles are listed below:

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