Meaning of “The Way I Am” by Charlie Puth

“The Way I Am” is a song by American singer and songwriter Charlie Puth. In the lyrics of “The Way I Am”, the narrator (Puth) tells the people around him and the world at large that he’s tired of being someone that he isn’t. Henceforth, he’s going to be him and doesn’t care whether you love him or hate him for being him.

"The Way I Am" lyrics

During an appearance on the Zach Sang Show, Puth shed more light on the actual meaning of the song. According to him, at the early stages of his career, he spent a lot of time trying to be someone that he wasn’t. He felt he was now a pop singer and should therefore act as one. However, he later came to the “self-realization” that he didn’t need to do that. He would now abandon the pop star lifestyle and spend more time with his loved ones.

Below you can watch the full interview which took place in May 2018:


Facts about “The Way I Am”

  • Charlie Puth co-wrote “The Way I Am” with songwriter Jacob Kasher. He also produced the song himself.
  • On July 24, 2018, the track was released as an official single. It is the fifth single from Puth’s second studio album titled Voicenotes.
  • The lyrics of this tune are 100% autobiographical.
  • Puth performed the song live on television for the first time on June 22, 2018 at the Radio Disney Music Awards.
  • The song climbed to the 68th position on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.
  • Speaking with Genuis, Puth said the song was born during a conversation he was having with himself in his head. According to him, he wrote the entire song in his head.

Does this tune have a music video?

Yes. The music video for “The Way I Am” came out on July 9, 2018. It was directed by the renowned American music video director and filmmaker Colin Tiley. Throughout his career, Tilley has directed music videos for famous artists such as Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.


Does “The Way I Am” sample any song?

No. All the songs on Voicenotes are sample-free with the exception of “Slow It Down” and “If You Leave Me Now”.

What genre of music does this track best fit in?

In our eyes, this track falls perfectly into the pop music genre.

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  1. Alexis says:

    I love this song and It relates to my life. This popular girl used to make me feel like I had to be just like her to fit in, and I still didn’t fit in. I tried so hard being her. I followed her on all social media, wore the clothes she wore, got a phone when she did; But there was one thing missing, it wasn’t me. I realized to just be me and if I don’t fit in who cares? So, I was me weird, silly me! and her friends started to be my friends behind her back. Then she restricted them from me, acting like she’s the boss. So I moved away! And then came back to face her, she got word and moved away before I could get there. And now I’m the popular one. I have good grades, everyones my friend, boys talk to me and not in a mean way! I have two amazing niece’s I get to encourage to be themselves. Even though one of them has no trouble with that!

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