“Man of the Year” by Juice WRLD

After listening to “Legends Never Die”, it is easy to conclude that Juice WRLD was one of the realest rappers in the game. Yes, as with his peers he did habitually boast – for instance referring to himself as the “man of the year” in this song. But more to the point, the vocalist points out that despite his standing he is dealing with a myriad of personal dilemmas. For example, he once again acknowledges drugs as an issue, as well as insinuating that he suffers from self-image problems. 

And on a separate note, in the second verse he addresses an unnamed significant other, acknowledging that she has been supportive throughout as well as his desire to settle down with her. 

So in a lot of ways, this is your usual Juice WRLD fanfare. The artist always had an affinity for romance. Moreover he was not the type of rapper to let success get to his head, instead always being able to recognize his own shortcomings.

“Man of the Year” is the last song (before the outro itself) on Juice’s 2020 posthumous album, “Legends Never Die”. The track was released with the album in July. 

The producers of “Man of the Year” are H. Mellow, R. Kudo, J. Reeves and EDM artist Skrillex. And the four of them are also credited as co-writers along with Juice WRLD himself.

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