“Bad Energy” by Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD’s “Bad Energy” quite candidly deals with the issue of his own substance addiction. But the titular “bad energy” is not only a reference to this malady. Rather the rapper depicts himself as a victim of his own success. For instance, being in the spotlight has separated him from his friends. And living the “thot life”, which is common amongst music celebrities, has also separated him from the woman he truly loves. So ultimately, he is expressing a desire to do away with all of this negativity, memories and all, in his life.

Writing and Production Credits

“Bad Energy” was produced by Blake Slatkin and Take a Daytrip (D. Biral and D. Baptiste). And the producers are also credited as co-writers alongside Juice WRLD.


Grade A Productions in association with Interscope Records put this track out in July 2020. It is part of Juice WRLD’s first album released after he passed away in 2019, which is entitled “Legends Never Die”.

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