“Up Up and Away” by Juice WRLD

The expression “up up and away”, as used in this song, seemingly points to the notion of Juice WRLD being high. And in the lyrics he expresses two of his quintessential sentiments concerning this matter. First is that he engages in such activities as a method of dealing with inner emotional/psychological pain. And secondly, it appears as if he may be overwhelmed by the entire scenario.

This song was penned by WRLD and its co-producers, R. Kudo and C. Handsome.

“Up Up and Away” can be found “Legends Never Die”. The aforementioned is a posthumous WRLD album. It was released by WRLD’s management (Interscope and G.A. Productions) on the 10th of July 2020.

Was this track a single release?

No. There were 4 songs Interscope and Grade A released as official singles from the album “Legends Never Die”. These songs are as follows:

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