“Cover Me in Sunshine” by Pink & Willow Sage Hart

Pink’s “Cover Me in Sunshine” is another song which sentimentally was birthed by the social woes resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. That is to say that it is premised on the discomfort that the song’s vocalist(s) has experienced due to the associated lockdowns, etc. and her compassionate ability to empathize with the countless others going through such.

For instance, the very first line of the song points to the idea of Pink being separated from her friends, plagued by idle time which consists of reminiscing about happy days past. And again, by implication she knows this is not something which only she is experiencing.

Meanwhile the titular “sunshine” is symbolic of things returning to the way they once were. Put differently, Pink and little Willow are looking forward to the day when the world will return to its pre-COVID normal, so to speak. Then for instance they and others will be able to reunite with loved ones which, due to the pandemic, they currently cannot spend an idealized amount of time with.

But even beyond that, in the second verse Pink expresses a hope that there may be “a better place” lying ahead than what was there before. We can say that she sees the potential for an improved state of existence post-pandemic then what was going on pre-pandemic. And such an expression is of course a further manifestation of her optimism that the whole situation will resolve itself A-okay.


Indeed the purpose of this song, as Pink explained in her own words, is simply to make people feel good. She and her daughter put it out as an expression of love in recognition of Valentine’s Day, not of the amorous type but rather that for their fellow man. Or stated differently, they are wishing that we all come out of this pandemic to face a brighter day. Simply put, this is a positive song filled to the brim with words of hope and beauty.

Lyrics of "Cover Me in Sunshine"

Facts about “Cover Me in Sunshine”

This song features Willow Sage Hart, the first born child of Pink and the man she married in 2006, Carey Hart, a professional motorcycle racer. At the time of the release of “Cover Me in Sunshine”, on 12 February 2021, Willow Hart is nine years old.

Also this is not the first time Willow Hart has teamed up with her mother on song. In fact she has been contributing musically to Pink’s career even while a toddler. And in late 2020 the two of them teamed up to drop a rendition of a holiday classic, “The Christmas Song”. The said tune was originally made popular by the one and only Nat King Cole.

Pink first teased “Cover Me in Sunshine” on 8 February 2021 via TikTok and more specifically a clip of Willow reciting the chorus. And said event also marked the first time Pink had used TikTok.

Later Pink also uploaded a video of her second born, Jameson Moon Hart, trying his hand at the song. And at the time young Jameson is four years old.

This collaboration between Pink and her daughter was the first single Pink officially released in 2021. It was released without any connection to an album. In other words, it was a non-album single.

The music video to this song was filmed at Pink’s own family ranch which is located within the vicinity of Santa Barbara, California. It features the two vocalists enjoying quality time on the farm and in nature. Visually, the clip is based on an old-school home video motif.

Writing and Production Credits

The writers of “Cover Me in Sunshine” are Amy Allen and MoZella. And its producers are The Struts (Ludwig Söderberg and Jakob Jerlström), a pair of musicians from Sweden.

It should be noted that neither Pink nor her daughter played any role in composing this song. It is for this reason none of them receives any writing credits.

This isn’t Pink and The Struts first time working together. Over the years, the two parties have worked on multiple tracks together. For example, the production duo worked with Pink on her 2017 track titled “Barbies”. The Struts also co-produced Pink’s “My Attic” which was released in April of 2019.

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  1. Linda says:

    I lost my daughter Amanda Taylor Trail during the pandemic. Not due to COVID but due to cancer. She was only 25. This song totally speaks to me letting me know that God will cover me with sunshine because he always has since the beginning since my worlds been spinning…He’s letting me know that every thing will “be alright”. “I’ve been missing yesterday with my beautiful girl and I “know” that there’s a better place in heaven for her and me one day. So thank you Pink for the encouragement you give me today. Your daughter is beautiful and so is this song. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😇

  2. m says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    More power to you dear ❤️

  4. Anonymous says:

    “The world’s been spinning since the beginning, and everything will be alright.” And this too shall pass. May God go with us all.

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