Meaning of “Cowboy Like Me” by Taylor Swift

The narrative in Taylor Swift’s “Cowboy Like Me” is premised on both the singer and the addressee, her romantic interest, being playas or as Taylor has described it “con artists”. And much to the chagrin of the vocalist she has fallen for her male counterpart. This is not to imply that she is not enjoying the reality. Indeed quite to the contrary, the two lovebirds appear to be mutually edified and excited by each other’s company. 

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However, being that he is a ‘cowboy like her’, in the singer’s heart, she does not believe their romance will last. This is not only due to their independent spirits but also she recognizing that her lover as being quite adept in games of the heart. In other words, she ‘knows that she will pay for’ falling in love with this dude sooner or later.

“You’re a cowboy like me
Perched in the dark
Telling all the rich folks anything they wanna hear
Like it could be love
I could be the way forward
Only if they pay for it”

Credits for “Cowboy Like Me”

This song’s producer, Aaron Dessner, also co-wrote it with Taylor Swift. And it features background vocals from Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons’ fame.

Date of Release

“Cowboy Like Me” is the 11th song on the playlist of “Evermore”, Swift’s second album of 2020. This is a project which Republic Records issued on 11 December of that year.

"Cowboy like Me" by Taylor Swift

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RAMSEY says:

“It’s like Taylor and her guy are both outlaws of love, tricksters who’ve met their match in each other. I can totally feel the exhilaration in their relationship, it’s like they’re both getting a kick out of being with someone who’s just as cunning and charming as they are.

But, oof, the irony of it all, right? Taylor falling head over heels for a guy who’s just as much of a heartbreaker as she is, knowing it’s probably gonna end in tears. She’s not just singing about a fling, she’s belting out a ballad about a love that’s as thrilling as it is doomed. There’s a sort of tragic beauty to it all, knowing you’re dancing on the edge of heartache but not wanting to step back.”


“Taylor and her guy are in this wild-west standoff of love. Both of ’em are pros at playing the field, except now, they’re playing each other. And, plot twist – Taylor’s caught feelings! It’s like an adrenaline rush of love, where they’re both digging the thrill of being with someone just as crafty as themselves.

But here’s the kicker, Swift knows this rodeo can’t last. She’s paired up with a guy who’s as much a heart hustler as she is, and she knows the bill is going to come due. There’s this sense of impending doom that lingers, despite the exciting vibe of their love. It’s like a dance with danger that she can’t help but be drawn into.”

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    Love love this song so much !

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