“Happiness” by Taylor Swift

Contrary to its title, “Happiness” is fundamentally a breakup song. The singer is addressing an ex whom she has recently parted ways with. According to her recollection, the relationship was all good at one point, but eventually dude changed up on her. That is to say that he did her wrong. So even though the vocalist can adopt a disposition of bitterness, she has rather opted to conscientiously practice “happiness”.  Or another way of looking at the scenario is that whereas she is tempted to diss him, she instead takes the high road and wishes him the best. But what this is all really about is the “new” her, one who does not entertain the idea of being bitter.  For she did in fact enjoy their relationship at one point, and she has vowed not to let the addressee’s departure destroy her future prospect for happiness.

This track holds the distinction of being the last written for “Evermore”, Taylor Swift’s ninth-studio album. And Tay Tay herself wrote the tune alongside its producer, Aaron Dessner.

“Evermore” is a project which came out on 11 December 2020 via Republic Records, the label Taylor Swift signed with in 2019.

This song was inspired by a classic piece of American literature, “The Great Gatsby” (1925) by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Other Notable tracks from Taylor’s “Evermore”

In addition to “Happiness”, below are some other notable tracks from the project:

3 Responses

  1. Roland Aranjo says:

    I could be that dude. Her and I first met 15 years and 15 million tears ago.

  2. Francois says:

    Whenever this song plays I have to stop what I’m doing because I’m totally mesmerized by its beauty.

  3. Happiness 🌷 says:

    Now at 65, memories on days of my youth.
    Parting from each other, or was being Pardon,
    not easy it was, and yet, part of our lives,
    to become a better me.

    Growing up, finding each other, with the grace of our almighty God, that is the beauty !

    Vocal and Lyrics at its best, thank you Taylor Swift 🌷

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