“‘Tis the Damn Season” by Taylor Swift

“‘Tis the Damn Season” is similar to another track from Taylor Swift’s album “Evermore”, that one being entitled “Dorothea“. That is because it also centers on a romance in which the female left town a while back, leaving her boyfriend at the time behind. However, in contrast to “Dorothea”, in this particular case Swift is portraying the role of the lady as opposed to the guy. Moreover she has come home for the holidays, specifically Christmas as inferred by the title. And to make a long story short, she and her old flame end up hooking up. 

Indeed the way she presents the situation is as the hormonal exchange between the two of them being irresistible, as in they can’t help but to engage in a fling upon meeting, specifically in the same setting where they were formerly lovers. And even though the singer is well aware that this romantic rendezvous will only last ‘for a weekend’, she still intends to enjoy it as much as she can.

December 11, 2020 is the day upon which both “‘Tis the Damn Season” and “Evermore” were released, being done so by Republic Records. And Taylor wrote this song in conjunction with her steady 2020 collaborator, The Nationals’ Aaron Dessner, who also served as the producer of the track.

Was “‘Tis the Damn Season” a single release?

No. At the time of the release of “Evermore”, the song “Willow” was the only song that accompanied the album as a single.

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