“Tolerate It” by Taylor Swift

One of the subthemes of Taylor Swift’s “Evermore” album, from which “Tolerate It” is derived, centers on romantic relationships gone awry. And on this particular outing the singer portrays the role of a lady in a loveless marriage. Or more specifically, she does in fact love her significant other and does everything she possibly can to make him aware of such. But he is indifferent to her affection. Indeed as the title implies, he treats her love like something that he must “tolerate” instead of appreciating the woman who puts him on a pedestal. And understandably, the vocalist herself is emotionally distraught as a result.

Taylor wrote this song alongside her established collaborator, Aaron Dessner, who also produced the track.

The aforementioned “Evermore” was released through Republic Records on 11 December 2020. And “Tolerate It” is the fifth song on its playlist.

Swift and Dessner co-wrote at least 11 songs on “Evermore”. Below are some of them:

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