“Cross You Out” by Charli XCX (ft. Sky Ferreira)

“Cross You Out” finds the songstresses (Charli XCX and Sky Ferreira) singing about certain individuals whom they were in relationships with. The nature of these associations is not forthrightly specified.  Though based on how the song reads, they were most likely romances.

But regardless of exactly what kind of affiliations they were, it is safe to say that they were indeed toxic relationships. And why are we of this opinion? Simply because the singers are celebrating the fact that these persons are no longer in their lives. And for the sake of readability, we will proceed as if they are indeed speaking of ex-boyfriends.

Based on the singers’ individual verses, we can surmise that there was probably a time when they were really into their exes. That is to say that they are both recovering, in one way or another, from their breakups. Or perhaps more specifically, there was a time when they could not or did not want to perceive going through life without these persons.

But again, it also sounds like the relationships they went through were constant hell. And even if a breakup may not have been what they necessarily desired, now that some time has transpired since, they can see that they are “doing fine”. In fact they have discovered that they are now better off than before. They realize this specifically when “looking in the mirror”, which may be symbolic of introspection in addition to literally doing so. Thus, it can also be deduced that one of the things which made their past romances unfavorable was a constant barrage of negativity upon their self-esteem, as in their exes being emotionally-abusive.

Lyrics of "Cross You Out"


 At the end of the day, even though the ladies are singing about two different guys, they address them as one since they share similar attributes. And the best way to describe those characteristics is based on how the singers are reacting to these individuals, which is by “crossing them out”, as in mentally removing them from their histories. And while this song by and large reads as if it is based on a romance, at least Charli herself interprets the track as one that can be applied to any type of toxic relationship.

Release Date of “Cross You Out”

Charli XCX alongside her team released “Cross You Out” on August 16 2019. The track was the fourth single from her 2019 album Charli. The album’s first three singles are as follows:

  • “1999”
  • “Blame It on Your Love”
  • Gone

Did Charli XCX write “Cross You Out”?

Yes. Charli wrote the track along with songwriter Noonie Bao and the track’s two producers: A. G. Cook and Lotus IV.

Is this Charli XCX’s first collaboration with Sky Ferreira?

Yes, it absolutely is their first ever released collabo!

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