“Fireworks” by Drake (ft. Alicia Keys)

The title of this song alludes to a dream Drake kept having in which he was beholding fireworks in a field which holds historical significance to his family. Ultimately he came to ‘realize what [the dream] means’, which according to his own interpretation is him now possessing the wherewithal to not only edify his own life but also that of his loved ones. However, the verses of the song do not harp on the dream per se. It can be loosely applied that the first verse does, as it is for the most part centered on the rapper’s celebrity. 

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But the second verse is about his ill-fated relationship with fellow music superstar Rihanna. 

And the third is perhaps the most emotional, as Drizzy recounts his parents’ divorce and concludes that he rather prefers a life-long marriage. 

So overall, even though this song is about Drake’s success it isn’t braggadocious in nature. Rather he takes more of an introspective approach to the topic of his success by also analyzing another aspect of life, meaningful long-term relationships, which money can’t buy.

Drake and Rihanna

The Internet as well as fans of both Drake and Rihanna have wondered for almost a decade what kind of relationship they have shared. At a point, it appeared they were simply close friends, but at some point it looked as though they had something more serious. One word perfectly describes the Robyn Fenty (Rihanna) and Aubrey Graham (Drake) relationship; Complicated.

The two first met in 2005 when Drake was 18 and Rihanna was 17 at a Toronto restaurant named Avocado. Their next meeting and the one in which they were seen making out would be in May 2009 at a Lucky Strike Bowling alley in New York. Rihanna denied rumors that they were dating claiming that they were only friends.

Drake’s song titled Fireworks, released in May 2010 seems to have referenced RiRi, while the Canadian rapper told New York Times in an interview in June that same year that he felt Rihanna had used him. Amidst several rumors often sparked by racy performances, Drake and Rihanna released songs and appeared together on music videos for What’s My Name in October 2010, Take Care in April 2012 and Work in 2016.

Things took an unexpected turn in August 2012 when Rihanna admitted that she still loves Chris Brown and is single. Between March and April 2014 however, Drake and Rihanna were both spotted partying, holding hands and having a few romantic dinners together. After winning the VMA Vanguard Award, Drake presented the award to RiRi while openly expressing his love for her. In another Miami concert in August 2016, Rihanna walked up to Drake and literally kissed him on the mouth. The two have maintained their somewhat ‘open’ relationship ever since and continue to maintain their close friendship. Rihanna has since admitted that her last official relationship was with Chris Brown, while Drake has gone on to date India Love and Jennifer Lopez.

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