“Dangerous” by Madison Beer

For starters, it’s not abundantly clear how the term “dangerous”, as rendered in the chorus, relates to the narrative at hand. But apparently, it’s Madison Beer’s metaphorical way of theorizing that she may be a toxic lover.

And no, it isn’t that Madison actually views her romantic ways as being destructive per se. Instead, the person she is addressing in this piece is her ex. More to the intended point is the vocalist not being able to understand why he has totally bounced on her like this.

For instance, whereas she’s still in her feelings even though they obviously broke up some time ago, Beer seems convinced that he’s out doing his thing without really giving her so much as a second thought. Meanwhile, this is someone whom, at a time, she conceptualized settling down with and getting married to, i.e. him having been the one in her mind.

So, let’s say that a common response to being the victim of an unjustified dumping is that the person on the receiving end will suffer from self-esteem issues. Well actually, it’s never specified that Madison was dumped. In fact, the chorus implies that in the very least, she agreed with the addressee in parting ways when that event did transpire.

However, it does seem that at the time, she was under the impression that their separation wouldn’t be permanent or at least not like this, whereas he’s showing no interest in her wellbeing. Or more frankly put, this reads as the case of a woman who didn’t realize how much in love she actually was/is until after the fact. And now that she seemingly wants to reestablish a relationship with her ex, by the looks of things the feeling isn’t mutual. This therefore greatly exacerbates Madison’s emotional trauma.

Lyrics for Madison Beer's "Dangerous"

When did Madison Beer release “Dangerous”?

Madison Beer, a singer who is 23 years old as of the release of this track on 26 August 2022, is known to have a strong fanbase. This is despite her debut LP, 2021’s “Life Support”, not necessarily doing too well.

This song was first teased in March of 2022, above five months before its eventual release.

“Dangerous”, which is a product of Epic Records, is a single from Madison’s second album.


The vocalist co-wrote and co-produced this track with Big Taste and One Love. The other co-producer of “Dangerous” is James Francies. In addition to Madison, the other credited writers of “Dangerous” are:

  • Kinetics
  • Tobias Jesso Jr.

According to Madison, this song is about deciding to accept that certain situations wouldn’t happen “the way you imagined”.

What “Dangerous” is all about

Due to a number of less-than-ideal experiences, Madison now finds herself feeling that she just might be intrinsically lacking in the romantic department.

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