Meaning of “17” by Madison Beer

In Madison Beer’s song “17,” she expresses nostalgia and a longing to slow down the pace of her life, which feels rushed and unappreciated. Through metaphors like “black and white TV,” she illustrates a distance from her past, feeling that it’s somewhat colorless and filled with missed opportunities to “smell the flowers.” The repeated question, “is it too late now to slow down?” underscores a continuous theme of regret and a desire for more control over her life’s pace.

Verse 1

In this verse, Madison is singing about being 17 and feeling like her life is moving too fast. She wishes she could go back and take it slower, hinting at a feeling of regret and longing for a time when things were simpler.

Verse 2

Madison talks about changes people undergo, showing understanding towards someone who probably changed as they grew up. She emphasizes that she doesn’t blame this person, suggesting she has matured and understood that people change based on their experiences.


Here, she’s pondering if it’s too late to slow down in life. It shows her desire to pause and maybe even reverse to better times, a reflection on the speed of life and a wish for more control over it.


Madison expresses regret for not having the chance to appreciate the small things in life, metaphorically referred to as “smelling the flowers”. She wishes she had taken time to dream and not let life pass by so quickly, hinting at lost opportunities and missed joys.


In the post-chorus, she conveys a sense of loss and nostalgia, with a comparison of her memories to a “black and white TV”. It suggests that her past feels distant and somewhat colorless. Despite people reassuring her, she feels life is a game she is unwilling to play, hinting at exhaustion and disillusionment.

Verse 3

At 21, a time which should be fun, Madison expresses a desire for more time as she feels everything is fleeting, including her “summer skin”. It shows her grappling with the rapid pace of life and the inevitable changes that come with growing up.


The outro is filled with a vocalization of her unwillingness to play the “game” of life, highlighting her resistance and possibly feeling overwhelmed with how fast life is moving. It’s a melancholic ending where she echoes the sentiment of not wanting to engage with life’s rapid pace.

“All my life I’ve never had the chance
To stop and smell the flowers (Flowers)
All this time, I never got to sit
And dream away the hours”

Release Date of “17”

“17” is the name of the 4th song on Madison Beer’s sophomore record “Silence Between Songs”. The track was unveiled on Friday the 15th of September 2023.

Credits for “17”

The New York singer wrote and produced “17” along with Leroy Clampitt, a record producer and songwriter from New Zealand. US rapper and songwriter Kinetics also contributed to the penning of this song.


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