“Follow The White Rabbit” by Madison Beer

The “white rabbit” is a character that has enjoyed an enduring, diverse presence in American entertainment. The origin of the figure dates back to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865), a late 19th-century novel which has made its presence felt in many a pop song. 

In fact Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 track, itself entitled “White Rabbit”, holds a place in the Grammy Hall of Fame.  There is also a figure from the 1999 sci-fi classic The Matrix whom, once again inspired by Alice in Wonderland, is called “the White Rabbit”. 

In fact according to Madison Beer, this entity’s depiction in said film is what the title of this track is primarily based on. And as presented in The Matrix, what it does is lead the protagonist to a higher understanding of the situation he is actually in.  And such is also what “the white rabbit” fundamentally symbolizes in this particular song.

Lyrics of "Follow The White Rabbit"

However, whom the singer desires the white rabbit to lead is not herself but rather the addressee, her romantic interest.  More specifically, she wants it to guide him “to see the truth”, and apparently said “truth” is twofold. 

First is that the singer is actually a “devil in a dress”. The implication behind such a sentiment is that she is an attractive lady in the eyes of the addressee. But she does not want him to take such as a false indication that she is also reserved. In fact that brings us to the second truth, which is the vocalist being very much willing to put it on this guy. 

All in all…

In fact all lyrics considered, the way the situation reads is as if whereas the singer definitely has the hots for him, he may be a bit too polite for her liking. She has opened up to and formed a genuine bond with the addressee. But she’s grown totally and completely weary of the two of them being in the friend zone. Indeed Madison goes to bed at night ‘losing her mind’ in lust, if you will. And that sensual want is aimed directly at the addressee.

So now it’s like she wants him to make a bold move already. For in doing so, he will realize these feelings which the singer has for him. And the expectation is that he will embrace them and satisfy her desires accordingly.

Facts about “Follow The White Rabbit” and Madison Beer

This song can be found on Madison Beer’s debut album, which is entitled “Life Support”. Epic Records, in conjunction with Access Records, released the track as part of said project on the date of 26 February 2021. And it is the fourth song on its playlist.

Madison Beer is a singer from Long Island, New York who has been generating a buzz for quite some time prior to Life Support. Her first EP, “As She Pleases”, came out in 2018. And her most-successful song to date as lead artist would probably be the 2018 track “Hurts Like Hell“, which features Offset of Migos’ fame.

Some fans will also recognize Madison Beer as being the voice behind Evelynn, i.e. a member of K/DA. K/DA is a successful, virtual K-pop girl group that is associated with the popular League of Legends videogame franchise.

Madison had teased this track well before its official release, as there is a tweet dating back to early-March 2020 where she reveals its name.

Madison Beer's Tweet

Life Support 

“Life Support” is an album that Madison Beer had reportedly been working on since late-2018. She later revealed the name of the project in August of 2019. At the time the idea was to have a song she had dropped a couple of months earlier, “Dear Society”, serve as its lead single. However, it was removed from the tracklist altogether. And rather “Good in Goodbye“, which came out in January of 2020, took on that role.

Madison also let it be known she was dealing with borderline personality disorder at the time “Life Support” was being put together. And due to such, at times she was uncontrollably depressed and totally unproductive during studio hours. However, working on the project gave her a form of relief from said condition. And that is why she decided to name the album using such medical terminology, as under her estimation working on it “kept (her) alive”.

This debut full-length has been a long time coming for fans of Madison Beer. She has been associated with the likes of Justin Bieber for almost a decade before “Life Support” finally came out. And out of the first four singles released from the project during 2020 the second one, entitled “Selfish“, has proven most successful, as in achieving RIAA gold status.

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