Madison Beer’s “Selfish” Lyrics Meaning

Madison Beer’s “Selfish” has been described as a breakup song. More to the precise point is that the songstress had come to realize that her ex was “too damn selfish”. So the implication is that said breakup was her reaction to coming to grips with this realization. And it is further implied that she toughed it out for a while despite this personality flaw, due to Madison being the type of person that naturally wants to help people. 

In other words, she took it upon herself to try to rectify her lover’s personal issues. But at the end of the day, the way the situation played out was more or less like her love being unreciprocated. Moreover Madison has said in her own words that this is her “most-personal and intimate song yet”.  And such a statement lends credence to the widely-held theory that “Selfish” is in fact about Zack Bia, the popular socialite Miss Beer had a tumultuous romance with from 2017 to 2019. 

So if such is indeed the case, we can conclude that one of the primary purposes of this track is to call dude out. But generally speaking it is the story of a lady who had reached the tipping point in her romantic relationship, and she is letting the audience know what it was specifically that made her quit.  And that would be her lover’s “selfish” personality.

Lyrics of "Selfish"

Facts about “Selfish”

Madison Beer had begun teasing this track, via Instagram, on 8 February 2020.

“Selfish” was eventually released on Valentine’s Day (14 February), 2020. This is the second single from Madison Beer’s debut album, which is entitled “Life Support”. And the labels behind it are Epic Records, Access Records and Sing It Loud. BTW, the first single from the album was “Good in Goodbye“.

In addition to being the vocalist, Beer also co-wrote and co-produced “Selfish”, as did an artist known as Big Taste.

And the other co-writers of the tune are KRM, Lowell and the musical duo Kinetics.

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