“Home To Another One” by Madison Beer

“Home to Another One”, which Epic Records released on 2 June 2023, is one of the singles from Madison Beer’s “Silence Between Songs” album.

Madison gets both writing and production credit for this track, as does Leroy Clampitt and One Love, with Lucy Healey serving as an additional co-writer.

Madison Beer's "Home To Another One"

The Lyrics of “Home To Another One”

This is a song of romantic heartbreak, or something to that effect. The addressee is the vocalist’s ex, one she admittedly still has feelings for. And the bulk of the lyrics basically revolves around Beer fantasizing about how he currently feels about her also, despite the fact, as noted in the title/chorus, that he “go(es) home to another one”. 

That is to say that said ex has since gone on to get into a serious relationship with someone else. But that does not negate Madison’s belief that like herself, he may also have regretted the two of them breaking up.

That being said, it isn’t necessarily as if the vocalist is trying to get the addressee back or steal him from his current lady or anything like that. She’s more simply just letting him know that she misses him and also expresses her confidence that said feeling is mutual.

“Call me, ‘Baby’
I know you go home to another one
Say you hate me
It’s okay, boy, you’re not the only one
Another year, we’re still here
Call me, ‘Baby’
I know you go home to another one”

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