“Reckless” by Madison Beer

Romantic relationships are not as simple as some women are led to believe. And we are well aware of this fact after having covered countless songs of the same nature as “Reckless”. For once again we are treated to the tale of a romance featuring a dude (the addressee) who promised to forever be faithful to his lady (the singer), with the latter actually being naïve enough to take him at his word. 

And yet again the male disappoints the female by, contrary to his promises, going on to date another woman regardless. In fact it is sorta implied at the end of the first verse that this third party may be a mutual friend of the singer and addressee.

But the focus really isn’t on who he cheated with as much as the fact that he actually did so to begin with. Indeed the way the second verse reads is as even in this very moment Madison’s emotions are being toyed with. And no, she’s not taking it well at all. For example, in the same passage she curses both the addressee and his new girlfriend.

A Heartbroken Narrator

But more to the point in terms of the vocalist’s discontent is the fact she’s heartbroken. And it doesn’t seem as if this is the result of her madly in love with the addressee per se. In other words, she never actually mentions any qualities or characteristics that she adores about him. 

Rather it’s the way he “swore on every star” that he wouldn’t do what he actually did. Or put into more plain language, via persistence he convinced her that he would be faithful. And that is why at the end of the day she is damning him for his ‘recklessness’. Simply put, what he did in terms of playing with her heart in such a manner was selfishly dangerous. 

And we don’t mean dangerous for him but rather the singer, i.e. the lady he manipulated, who is left to deal with the unfavorable emotional aftermath of, most simply put, feeling used.

“Each day goes by and each night, I cry
Somebody saw you with her last night
You gave me your word, “Don’t worry ’bout her”
You might love her now, but you loved me first
Said you’d never hurt me, but here we are
Oh, you swore on every star
How could you be so reckless with my heart?”

What “Reckless” is all about

So again, this is a story we’ve heard a million times before and by the looks of things will come across a million times more. The singer hooked up with a dude who promised her she was the one, and she fully gave her heart to him accordingly. But by the looks of things, i.e. him going on to date another lady, he never really meant it. 

But it should be pointed out in this case that it doesn’t appear the addressee actually dumped the vocalist before going out and doing his thing. Rather it reads more like he’s a polygamist or playa or something, not a serial monogamist, by rather someone who is under the impression that he can have Madison and the new chick simultaneously. But either way, she isn’t down with a throuple or however you want to put it. 

So maybe she’s the one, being unable “to cope with the pain” of being deceived in such a manner, who called it off. But at the end of the day, apparently, to her further dismay, off it is.

Facts about “Reckless”

Coming out on 4 June 2021, this is the first solo track Madison Beer has put out since her debut full-length, Life Support. (All of the singles from that album were released in 2020, though the entire project wasn’t officially released in 2021.) She did drop one song earlier in 2021, “Carried Away”, though that being a collaboration with Surf Mesa.

So by the looks of things, “Reckless” is the lead single from her second album titled “Silence Between Songs”. 

Madison Beer is one of those 21st century musicians who is a direct beneficiary of coming up during the internet age. That is to say that she rose to fame, from a humble YouTube cover singer, after being co-signed by no other than the Biebs himself. And that led her ultimately being signed to a number of labels, including Epic Records and by extension First Access Entertainment, both of whom are responsible for putting “Reckless” out.

As of the release of this track Madison has been 22 years old for about 3 months.

It should be noted that Madison, who is one of the co-writers of this song, did imply that it is based on something she went through in real life circa late-2020.

Beer discusses "Reckless"

Madison served as both a writer and producer of “Reckless”, as did Big Taste and One Love. And another pair of musicians, together known as Kinetics, also contributed to its composition.


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